Huge Body of Ice Breaks Away From Antarctica

13 JUL 2017

A gigantic body of ice weighing over one trillion tonnes has broken away from its main land-mass in western Antarctica.

The UK-based researchers who reported the news have studied this area closely following the collapse of the Larsen-A ice shelf in 1995.

They had particularly noted significant advances in the rift for the past 12 months up until their predictions were realised and the piece, which is over three times the size of greater London detached.

The team claim that this occurrence will not affect anyone directly and if there are any repercussions, they won’t be observed for years to come.

Despite the fact it won’t affect us, it is nonetheless an enormous geographic event which has drastically altered Earth’s landscape.

Icebergs have been studied by researchers for years and although this event can not be definitively attributed to human actions and the subsequent affect on the planet’s climate, many argue that it is. Either way, it serves as a huge wake-up call to us as a species.

Rima Iskandarani


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