• Toubba


    Toubba started his musical journey listening to heavy metal, playing with various acts in Dubai.

    He’s currently in a new death metal band called Verdict handling vocal duties.

    He fell in love with Drum & Bass and was the reason to pick up DJ-ing, playing gigs when an opportunity was given.

    Being a music history fanatic, he’s always been interested in the roots of the music he loves. Techno (and not limited to) played a big part of shaping the Jungle/D&B scene, therefore, he’s got a lot into that and enjoying different avenues within the genre.

  • Arcade 82

    House Classics

    Disc Jockey, Percussionist, Promoter, Producer and one half of electronic duo ARCADE 82. Spinning a cool House / Nu Disco vibe with plenty of classics thrown in for good measure.

    He has recently shared the stage with such industry heavy weights as Maceo Plex, Joris Voorn, Art Department, Sasha, Miguel Campbell, Basement Jaxx, Crazy P, Pete Tong, Benoit & Sergio, Yousef, Roger Sanchez, Groove Armada, 2manydjs, James Zabielia, The Script, Brand New Heavies, to name a small few.
    2011 was very kind to him – closing Faithless’s last ever international gig, infront of 15,000 people on the Sandance beach at Atlantis Hotel, Dubai and secondly was playing main stage at Creamfields Abu Dhabi. 2013 was also huge which included his biggest gig to date playing immediately after Jamiroquai at Sandance in front of 12,000 people and then the month after playing Creamfields Abu Dhabi with Disclosure, The Prodigy and many more.
    He has been fortunate to have played his music in Las Vegas, Miami, Ibiza, Paris, Madrid, Los Angeles and all over the UK.  Now based in Dubai he plays at the biggest venues and festivals the city has to offer.
    Mark is also part of electronic act ARCADE 82, they are signed to such labels as King Street NY, Sleazy Deep, Spirit Soul, Deepalma Records to name a very small few. For more info on Arcade 82 please check out the next tab in the navigation bar above.

    After nearly 20 years DJ’ing Mark has a very strong connection to the Classics scene and has been resident of ‘Journey Thru House’ at Zero Gravty Dubai for nearly 3 years now. JTH is the biggest House Classics party in the Middle East and Asia with over 3,000 people attending each month. He has been playing Classics in his sets since he started DJ’ing back in 1997 and with over 5,000 records in his vinyl collection he works hard and digs deep to bring new nostalgia to every Clasics set he plays. Please see the Classics tab above for more info.
    Away from the dance floor Mark launched Mixmag in Dubai to partner alongside Hype Magazine that he launched in February 2013. Hype fast became one of the most popular ways of keeping Dubai’s party people up to speed with the latest happenings on the street in clubland.
    On the back of that he then created the Hype Nightlife Awards in April 2014 and along with his team gathered 1,000 of the most influential movers and shakers of Dubai’s music scene together for the inaugral Hype Nightlife Awards which was a huge success. In 2015 he did it all again and was honoured when the likes of Roger Sanchez and Paul Van Dyk attended the awards.

    – markpickup.net

  • Kling Klong

    House, Tech House, Techno

    Martin Eyerer’s & Rainer Weichhold’s Kling Klong Records started in 2005 and quickly became one of the world’s leading club labels. Featuring groundbreaking releases from Oliver Klein, Namito, Kaiserdisco, Martin Dawson, Dusty Kid, Hermanez, Anton Pieete, Chase Buch & Nick Olivetti, Heartik and of course, the two label owners themselves.
    But it’s not only about single releases, Kling Klong also put out the debut albums from Martin Eyerer, Namito and Oliver Klein with big success.

  • Jon Besant

    House Classics
    One thing you might not know about me is…

    “I use my DJ wages in Dubai to feed the labour camp workers.”

    My worst ever job was…

    “I was an estate agent when I left school, discovering night clubs and working Sundays at the same time was tough!”

    My favorite ever record is…

    “Last Rhythm-Last Rhythm (Vocal Mix).”

    DJing is much like…

    “Being a fat kid working in a cake shop, you get paid for what you love and look forward to going to work. I guess getting new tunes are like new cake toppings to the fat kid!”

    Dubai’s clubbing scene is…

    “Amazing! I was here 7 years ago when just Chi & Barasti seemed to be the only places to go, the variety is now rivalled by Ibiza only.”

    I’m really proud of…

    “My charity work and the History brand really making waves over the world.”

    What track could you drop in every set?

    “Sandy B, ‘You Make My World Go Round.’ The way people cheer every time that riff kicks in is a banker! It’s also a long tune for when you need a toilet break.”

    I can’t live without…

    “Social media! Due to all our events it’s just continuously promo promo promo, I just want to shut it down but can’t!”

    My biggest DJ achievement to date is…

    “I would say some of the artists I’ve played with at BCM in Mallorca are special. One gig that will always stand out was with Charl Chaka on NYE at Barasti beach in 2008, seeing 12,000 people jumping up and down on the beach rocked!”

    What is your guiltiest pleasure?

    “Listening to Whitney Houston every morning on my bike rides. I feel lost in my own little world and can’t access social media for a few hours which is bliss.”

    If you could DJ in any decade which would it be…

    “It would have to be the 70’s and at Studio54. Those parties looked insane and they didn’t even have a liquor license. Imagine that now, people would just turn up and go home if they couldn’t get an alcoholic drink.”

    If I could go back-to-back with any other DJ it would be…

    “Paris Hilton, but not because of her music or mixing, but because the after party would be something else.”

    I’m not a politician but…

    “If I ruled the Middle East I would change the rules of the labour camps, it’s heartbreaking. I would also demand Charl give all his staff a weeks paid holiday in ibiza once a year (sorry Mr Chaka!).”


  • KayteK

    House, Techno

    Born in Beirut, Lebanon, KayteK aka Kalim Hachem. This sound traveller was grown between Beirut and Dubai; his early years were a burning chase of the underground dance movement wherever the sound took him.

    At the age of 17, his musical horizons expanded into a distinct focus; electronic music. Being famous for his musical diversity, dance floor energy and his engaging mix of deep progressive, minimal-tech and Techno. This near obsessive love affair accompanied KaY TeK throughout his teenage years, making him the devotee he is today.

    House music never stops developing and expanding its borders and KaY TeK is in the forefront of this movement. A creative thinker when it comes to DJing, from that inspirational experience his enthusiasm about this music started and only grew stronger.

    Throughout the years KaY TeK has learned how to work the crowds, allowing them to experience his passions and emotions, connecting their senses and evolving the party to a level of blissful experience. For KaY TeK the production aspect of the industry is as important as working the crowd in a party or event.

  • Salah Sadeq

    House, Techno

    Salah Sadeq is a creative director, DJ & producer who has a flair for reading and connecting with the crowd, creating that mercilessly upbeat and unpredictable sound that makes his audience ‘feel it’ on the dance floor.

    A passionate global artist who, for the last 24 years, has thrived in the field of music and design. He has developed his sound over time, collaborating with a number of high profile international and regional artists, venues, labels, agencies, and brands.

    An experience of Salah’s magical sets is one that remains with you for days, weeks and even months. It’s from within his passionate soul that he reaches out, with a style of music that spans deep, house, groovy, electronica, techno, acid, disco, dub and abstract beats and pieces that get under your skin; a truly experienced, versatile style that never fails to infect the listener with a dirty groove.

    Born and raised in Bahrain, he developed his skills from the very young age of 14, performing at the infamous Tameem night club and various other underground gigs, which led to him becoming the weekend resident DJ at Likwid, Bahrain from 1999. Gradually, he took over and began running his own nights at the club, on the island, and in the region, building a reputation that resonated with his Dutch audience in Amsterdam, where he began to make his mark on the international circuit.

    Close to home, he has played alongside a number of big artists, with Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink, and Sven Väth being stand-out moments for Salah.

    His adventures have seen him play in Berlin, Amsterdam, Toronto, and Tbilisi. He’s been behind the decks across Europe, Middle East and India.

    One of Salah’s favourite aspects of this career is collaborating, working and sharing artistic endeavours; he’s been a part of projects with Beirut In The Mix, Half Baked in Dubai, Ohm Event’s Ill Communications, Electric Days, Infusion Magazine. He’s built the popular weekly radio show, The Crate. His concept ‘Techfui’, born out of his early days in Bahrain, is the definitive ethos of his artistic and creative self and has invited guest DJs like Ame (Frank Wiedemann), Peace Division, Mazi, and more. The Techfui ethos has lived on with his sets, collaborations and the family has grown, with the label launching in 2014.

    Founder of Andcollective, Techfui, and The Crate, he just keeps pushing forward and expanding his repertoire of music and creativity.

  • Scott Somers

    One thing you might not know about me is…

    I’ve met and spoken with the Queen of England.

    My worst ever job was…

    As a dishwasher at a motorway restaurant, it’s probably why I learned to cook instead.

    My favorite ever record is…

    Haha, no way I can answer that. It’s like asking a parent who their favorite child is. Can’t be done.

    DJing is much like…

    I really can’t put it into words, not even funny ones. It’s something you feel and if you love the music, it feels incredible.

    Dubai’s clubbing scene is…

    Like the city, growing at an incredible rate. Eventually, I really hope it can support its own sound.

    I’m really proud of…

    Where I’m from (Leeds, Yorkshire, UK) and all the experiences life has brought me, including being part of an incredible musical revolution.

    What track could you drop in every set?

    Haha, again super tough. I’ll give you one though Mr. Fingers “Can You Feel It”. A sublime slice of deep house from 1986.

    My biggest DJ achievement to date is…

    Landing the residency at 0 Gravity, this place is going to be an epic venue (those who know, know). I will always have been its first resident. Being part of its history makes me very grateful.

    What is your guiltiest pleasure?

    Fish and Chips (well, I am from the UK).

    If I could go back-to-back with any other DJ it would be..

    Locally, Raxon. I love his energy and sound. Best house DJ in UAE (for now, haha) he is a lovely bloke too. Globally it would be Sasha. There’s not enough space on this page to explain why. Check his Wikipedia, he’s been there, done it and is still doing it. Musical genius.

    I’m not a politician but…

    I don’t do politics or religion, music transcends both.


  • Shaun Warner

    Tech House, Techno

    From Ireland to Miami and then to the shores of Australia, Shaun Warner has accomplished an International reputation as one of the hottest DJ/Producer around.

    From an early age Shaun’s accustomed himself to the sound and beat of music, so it’s no wonder he makes it all seem so effortless. Surrounded by crates and shelves of vinyl leftover from his father’s nightclub running days, Shaun has forged a unique hypnotic sound of bass driven house with mesmerizing vocals which will have your bootie shaking all night long.

    When he’s not behind the decks Shaun is hard at work in his studio putting the final touches to creating the unique sound he is acclaimed for. With releases on notable UK record labels “Baroque Records” “22 Digits” “Tall House Digital” under his belt, Shaun Warner is set to continue the momentum he gained from the smash hit ‘When I See You’ which topped many DJ and download charts, not to mention it being the Summer Anthem of Ibiza in 2011.

    The World’s leading glamorous dance and lifestyle Brand Hed Kandi also noticed the rapid rise of this talented DJ/Producer and have signed him as the Australian Ambassador to set the Australasian dance floors alight.

    Shaun Warner stands out as an original and his music in the studio is a testament to his unique approach to life. We can truly say this guy is the one to watch out for in the future.