Since the coming together of Kye (Fomao) & Matt (Rack’n’Ruin) in 2012 things have snowballed at a barely comprehensible rate for Gorgon City. Signed to the mighty black butter records, the beginning of Gorgon City coincided with the label’s explosion into the mainstream, spearheaded by label mates Rudimental.
While working on their second LP release, they tour the globe with an insatiable appetite, winning over crowds with their DJ sets and full live show from Ibiza to Tokyo, hitting every major music festival across UK, Europe and n. America along the way..

“There wasn’t one point where it wall went crazy” says Kye Gibbon; “Let’s just say it’s been a steep incline!” If there’s a summation of the current situation of Gorgon City – the duo of Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott – this is it. The pair have achieved quite startling success, from a run of chart hits and star collaborations at home to an international presence that increasingly sees them getting stuck into hard touring and playing to enormous crowds of dedicated fans around the world. But there’s never been a single “breakthrough moment” for them, rather a continual accumulation of achievements. This has been based on an intense work ethic and understanding of their audience, but also on a willingness to experiment and step out into the unknown – as they’re doing now with the gradual release of their new project week by week throughout 2016 – something which stands them in good stead as they get ready to settle in for the long haul.