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Jon Besant

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Jon Besant is full-time DJ and promoter at some of Dubai’s top clubs (Zero Gravity, Cirque le soir, 360, Tribeca). He’s got a great idea for neutralising cheaters.
One thing you might not know about me is…

“I use my DJ wages in Dubai to feed the labour camp workers.”


My worst ever job was…

“I was an estate agent when I left school, discovering night clubs and working Sundays at the same time was tough!”

My favourite ever record is…

“Last Rhythm-Last Rhythm (Vocal Mix).”

DJing is much like…

“Being a fat kid working in a cake shop, you get paid for what you love and look forward to going to work. I guess getting new tunes are like new cake toppings to the fat kid!”

Dubai’s clubbing scene is…

“Amazing! I was here 7 years ago when just Chi & Barasti seemed to be the only places to go, the variety is now rivalled by Ibiza only.”

I’m really proud of…

“My charity work and the History brand really making waves over the world.”

What track could you drop in every set?

“Sandy B, ‘You Make My World Go Round.’ The way people cheer every time that riff kicks in is a banker! It’s also a long tune for when you need a toilet break.”

I can’t live without…

“Social media! Due to all our events it’s just continuously promo promo promo, I just want to shut it down but can’t!”

My biggest DJ achievement to date is…

“I would say some of the artists I’ve played with at BCM in Mallorca are special. One gig that will always stand out was with Charl Chaka on NYE at Barasti beach in 2008, seeing 12,000 people jumping up and down on the beach rocked!”

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

“Listening to Whitney Houston every morning on my bike rides. I feel lost in my own little world and can’t access social media for a few hours which is bliss.”

If you could DJ in any decade which would it be…

“It would have to be the 70’s and at Studio54. Those parties looked insane and they didn’t even have a liquor license. Imagine that now, people would just turn up and go home if they couldn’t get an alcoholic drink.”

If I could go back-to-back with any other DJ it would be…

“Paris Hilton, but not because of her music or mixing, but because the after party would be something else.”

I’m not a politician but…

“If I ruled the Middle East I would change the rules of the labour camps, it’s heartbreaking. I would also demand Charl give all his staff a weeks paid holiday in ibiza once a year (sorry Mr Chaka!).”

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